Born and raised in Berlin, I went to London for a trilateral peace service with the ARSP after graduating. Living in a Community of people with and without disabilities I learned above all the importance of awareness of personal needs and boundaries. These topics still form the core of my work.


I started my psychology diploma in 2008 in Potsdam. But soon I was drawn back abroad. During my exchange year in Utrecht, I enjoyed the openness and sociability of the Dutch people and attended economic and sociological courses in addition to my main subject. For the first time I got to know the term for what I had in mind for my professional future through a course in coaching and training: accompanying people to find self-love, their creative power, authenticity and a lifestyle that suits them.


Back in Berlin I focused my studies on pedagogical psychology to learn more about human development and learning. In addition, I started working in psychosocial contact and counseling centers. In addition to individual counseling, I created psycho-educational trainings and group offers and took up an internship at the Hanuman Institute. After receiving my diploma, I completed the three-year extra-occupational training N-Process®-Moderation and process-oriented coaching there. The methods and attitudes I gained were also ideally suited for my job as a job coach with young adults and people with experience of flight.


In Process-oriented Psychology I have found a related, humanistic and person-centred way of working and methodology that complements my scientific education and has decisively influenced my life and my psychological work. Since summer 2020, I have therefore also devoted myself to seminar conception and assistance in order to proactively support the training of further process workers.


For me, process work is the most efficient tool to achieve more creative freedom in life - in awareness, trust and personal responsibility.


In my coaching practice I make these insights and values available to you because I am convinced of their lasting effects from my own experience and several years of working with people from different backgrounds. Even small discoveries can make a big change.


With this in mind, I invite you:


Let us unfold great potential!

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