To me,
coaching & training

based on

process-oriented psychology

are the most efficient tools
to gain more freedom in one' s life

- based on awareness,

trust and self-responsibility.

In Berlin geboren und aufgewachsen ging ich nach meinem Abitur für einen trilateralen Friedensdienst mit der ASF nach London. In der Lebensgemeinschaft mit Menschen mit und ohne Behinderung lernte ich allem voran die Wichtigkeit der Bewusstheit und Kommunikation von Bedürfnissen und Grenzen kennen. Diese Themen bilden nach wie vor den Kern meiner Arbeit.


I started my psychology diploma in 2008 in Potsdam. But soon I was drawn back abroad. During my exchange year in Utrecht, I enjoyed the openness and sociability of the Dutch people and attended economic and sociological courses in addition to my main subject. For the first time I got to know the term for what I had in mind for my professional future through a course in coaching and training: accompanying people to find self-love, their creative power, authenticity and a lifestyle that suits them.

Zurück in Berlin legte ich meinen Studienschwerpunkt auf die pädagogische Psychologie, um mehr über die menschliche Entwicklung und das Lernen zu erfahren. Daneben begann ich in psychosozialen Kontakt- und Beratungsstellen zu arbeiten, neben der psychologischen Einzelberatung psychoedukative Trainings und Gruppenangebote zu schaffen und nahm ein Praktikum am Hanuman-Institut auf. Nach Abschluss meines Diploms absolvierte ich dort die dreijährige berufsbegleitende Ausbildung N-Prozess®-Moderation und prozessorientiertes Coaching. Die gewonnenen Methoden und Haltungen brachte ich direkt in meinen Beruf als Jobcoach mit jungen Erwachsenen und Menschen mit Fluchterfahrung ein. 

In process-oriented psychology I have found a relationship-based, humanistic and person-centered approach and methodology that complement my scientific studies and have had a significant impact on my personal life and psychological work.

In order to make process work accessible to a broad audience in Germany, I take great pleasure in designing seminars based on experience and exchange for universities, companies, organisations and non-profit associations. In my trainings I create environments for people to engage in constructive discussions, where learning can be experiential, relateable, effortless and joyful. I also volunteer as part of teaching team to proactively support the training of further process workers.

I make my insights and values available to you in my coaching practice as well as in my trainings and seminars, because I am convinced of their lasting effects from my own experience and several years of working with people from various backgrounds. Even through small discoveries and changes you can open up great creative potential for yourself. 


With this in mind, I invite you to treat yourself to some time to create contentment and a life that truly suits you!

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