Process-oriented individual, team and group supervision


Often, standardised work routines are either designed for efficiency or created by individual habits. This focus on seemingly universal or a very personal approach can lead to conflicts with the needs or boundaries of individuals or entire groups. As a result, work performance and satisfaction may be significantly affected.

Supervision is a format through which we take a bird's eye perspective of your process. This enables us to develop solutions that suit you and your working environment.

I support you in exploring your own position as well as other perspectives and relevant aspects for which there is little room in everyday work, and to make use of hidden or otherwise bound potential.

The strength of process work in the supervision format lies in using a variety of methods to open up new approaches to previously cognitively explored topics and to address where individuals or groups currently stand.

My style is characterised by empathy, a spirit of exploration and the fundamental attitude that being human is an integral part of a modern concept of professionalism.

Supervision can take place live or online by arrangement. If you are interested in individual or team supervision (up to 8 people) or facilitation of a group process (up to 20 people), please contact me with your request.

Prices are agreed individually according to social scaling.