What is process-oriented coaching?

The methods of process-oriented psychology differ from other coaching approaches in that all your perceptions are integrated. This is useful and helpful insofar as most people are very capable of cognitively organising their thoughts independently; access via the body and sensory perceptions offers the potential to quickly access underlying patterns, experiences or belief structures. If these emerge in coaching, we can explore the potential within them and how you can embrace it and utilise your creative capacity.


My definition of our roles in our coaching relationship

As a coachee you take responsibility for your life processes.


My offer is to accompany you on this journey of discovery and provide you with a safe space as well as my methodological understanding, my perception and my expertise. I combine methods from evidence-based educational, motivational, work and personality psychology with process-orientated psychology and embodiment elements as well as the power of intuition and trust in the process of my coachees.


Personal responsibility also means that every development takes place at your own pace. I work in a very feedback-orientated way. I provide you with various methods that focus on systemic and behavioural components as well as deep understanding processes and on getting in touch with yourself. Your feedback enables us to work together to develop individualised solutions that suit you, your current situation and your vision for the future, so that you can integrate them into your life in a sustainable way.


Coaching from a psychologist

The Coaching sessions focus on you and your individual process. Coaching therefore differs from traditional psychological counselling in that, instead of giving you analyses "from the outside" or suggestions for changing your behaviour, I provide you with impulses that support you in developing your individual path and give you the opportunity to come into your own creative abilities.

If selected methods, theories or empirical findings that I learnt during my psychology studies could be helpful for you, I will of course still be happy to make them available to you. 



Coaching sessions can be arranged to take place in person or online.