How to make your holidays worthwile

Was your vacation too short again? Not seldomly you hear exactly that on the questions that are being asked after the holidays. In the media there are guidelines that explain that the real recovery effect only sets in after 14 days, but who has that amount of time off left in times of Corona? Isn't it possible to recover in less time?


In the entry Holiday - What is possible right now? you will find impulses on how to find out what you really want in a holiday, far away from what we are lured to by colourful catalogues or social media posts. This entry is about dedicating yourself to finding out what kind of holiday you really need, because wanting and needing are not always necessarily on the same side of the medal.


Therefore, first of all, ask yourself if you are recovering and/or full of energy after a holiday or if you "actually need some time off again right away".


A little bit about the theoretical background of the fact that there could be different types of people also in terms of holidays. Everyone faces different (levels of) challenges in their daily lives. While some people have firmly structured daily routines, others find themselves challenged by the daily adaptation to changing requirements. That holidays can take on just as many different forms becomes clear at the latest when it's not solely up to you to decide on the goal and content. There are not only different ideas (see also Holiday - What is possible right now?), but also needs in terms of free time.


Here is a suggestion how you can find out for yourself with a pinch of mindfulness how your holiday could become a real enrichment. The easiest way is to ask yourself what you are missing in everyday life.

In the midst of your daily family routine, do you long for nothing more than a few minutes of doing nothing? Then the completely thoroughly planned adventure trip is rather not the right one to give room to this need. Maybe the all-inclusive holiday with child care doesn't look as good on social media... but it could certainly provide you with the valuable minutes or even hours of rest you long for.

A counter-example would be the boredom that yawns in the routines of your job... Then maybe you need room for new things, different activities or appropriate challenges on holiday in order to make it worthwile.

Of course, it is also possible that you have adapted your everyday life so much to your needs that you rarely get the feeling of being "ready for a holiday". In this case: Congratulations! May your daydreams be your compass on the way to the perfect holiday!


In any case, I would like to encourage you to consider alternatives as soon as you notice that you are not recovered or dissatisfied after the holiday, if you honestly look back on your free time.


Look what's good for you and do yourself some good! You deserve it!