Holiday - What is possible right now?

For many people, this year's holiday is more than unusual. Some had to take their days off at the beginning of the year to relieve their employers, plans may fail due to legal regulations, or being lucky enough to have arrived at the desired holiday destination it's less relaxed than usual.


Now we can focus on our anger about all the things that are not possible and maybe you are already tired of hearing that every crisis also offers a chance... but give me two minutes to convince you of the opposite with the following approach and practice:


Have you ever wondered how it is that you go on vacation exactly the way you do? Maybe you follow your parents' example and go to the same holiday resort every year, or for you there is nothing better than plucking weeds in the garden yourself. No matter how you usually spend your free time - ask yourself at this point:

What does vacation mean to me? I don't mean what you think a vacation should be like, but what you actually want for yourself.


This can look different for every person: While A is longing for relaxation, B fancies activity and new challenges and C just wants to finally do what has been left behind for ages, etc.


It can be helpful to think back on a holiday that has been a thoroughly positive experience for you or to dare to fantasize about the "perfect" holiday. Give yourself over to this daydreaming for a few minutes. What exactly is it that makes this experience so desirable for you? Maybe you will find a word, a picture, a sound, a physical sensation or a movement that comes with it. What is the essence of your dream holiday?


The nice thing about this mini exercise is that you can do it several times a day without much effort and thus not only become more aware of what is good for you or what you are craving for, but you can also awaken this holiday feeling in your inner self and take a mental short vacation!


I invite you to find out how you can bring some of the quality you have found into your life - maybe it's a quiet walk in the evening, a home-cooked dinner in peace, meeting friends (you can even do that online or by phone), dancing in the living room or enjoying the sun while exercising in the park or reading a novel on the balcony... get inspired by your inner well-being!


In that sense I wish you a wonderful holiday!

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