good enough

At the beginning of the crisis, a certain deceleration set in due to the many new developments, which allowed one or the other to take a breath for a moment. Working from home freed up more time that would otherwise have been spent on commuting. Most companies accepted that the pace of work was slower at first, either because the technical resources were not available or because employees suddenly had a second job as teachers for their children.


Meanwhile, this serenity seems to have yielded in many places once again given way to the pressure to work as economically as possible. This creates a lot of pressure, especially when our inner critics are already powerful. In order not to burn out from intrinsic and extrinsic demands, it needs a good inner (air) conditioning to provide some cooling.


Today I would like to provide you with an exercise for this, which is as simple as it is effective: Tief durchatmen und reality check.


When our critics get louder we get stressed. There are quite a few scientific publications about the negative effects of stress, which is why I summarize only briefly: much negatively rated stress is associated with suffering health. The positive news is: just three deep breaths tell our nervous system that this is just not a matter of life and death.


Should you find yourself rotating at full speed between all the internal and external demands of the day,take half a minute to breathe in and out deeply. At the same time you can also inwardly assure yourself of what is appropriate for you, for example: "If this does not get done today, it's not that bad", "To err is human" or "It's good enough". Should this fail because you just can't think of much nice, internally ask your favorite people what they would say to you.


If you find yourself thinking that this is just one more thing in your busy day, consider this: If you make this routine a habit, you will not only be doing something for your physical health, but also for your mental health - and not only you, but also your environment and even your employer will benefit from this.