Coaching is a helpful tool when you face limitations in your life that you'd like to overcome. This might become apparent by recurring conflicts, blockades, unfulfilled desires or difficulties in making decisions.

Together we create a space where you can safely explore your inner life and the hidden potentials within.

Core topics of my work are:


    • discovering and developing your authentic self
    • developing self-love & self-care
    • opening up spaces for creation in different areas of life & perceived dead ends
    • professional orientation & career coaching
    • Application training & thesis support
    • Prevent/ counteract burnout and states of exhaustion
    • Individuation: enhance your own profile & develop your potential; stand up for your own needs and boundaries
    • developing relationships: enabling meaningful connections & dealing with conflicts in family, professional or private relationships
    • Embracing the power of one's own history: finding a constructive way of dealing with influential experiences from childhood, adolescence or the recent past


The methods of process-oriented psychology differ from other coaching methods mainly by involving all senses. This is meaningful and helpful in that most people are able to cognitively organize their thoughts very well on their own, whilst working through the body and senses has the potential to provide quick access to deeper patterns, experiences or belief structures. When these become apparent in coaching, we can jointly explore the hidden potential within and how you can integrate it and thus gain access to the creative power within.


As a coachee you take responsibility for your life processes.

I offer to accompany you on this exploration and provide you with a safe space as well as my methodological understanding, my perception and my expertise. I combine methods from evidence-based educational, motivational, organizational and personality psychology with process-oriented psychology and embodiment elements as well as the power of intuition and trust in the individual process of my coachees.


Personal responsibility also means that each development takes place at your own pace. Together we will work out individual solutions that fit you, your current situation and your vision of your future, so that you can integrate them into your life in a sustainable way.

This differs from classical psychological counselling in that instead of analyses "from the outside" or suggestions for changing your behaviour, I provide you with methods that support you on your individual path and give you the opportunity to come into your own creative power.


Process-oriented coaching is not a psychotherapeutic guideline procedure in Germany and does not substitute psychological psychotherapy. To cover the waiting time for a therapy spot, however, I can accompany you by prior arrangement.  


If you have any questions or are unsure whether coaching is the right thing for you, please feel free to contact me.

Let's go!


I believe that everyone can benefit from coaching. But not every person has the same prerequisites.

In order to be able to provide high-quality coaching via social compensation, the prices for coaching are therefore divided into the following categories:



Standard rate

Private individuals/ self-payers


Tariff for companies & benefactors

People who receive coaching in a professional context and are financially supported by their employer and people who would like to support the social compensation model by adding an amount of their own choice to the normal tariff.

upon request/ by arrangement

Social rate

Private individuals with below average income




If you can't afford coaching under these conditions, feel free to contact me to discuss possible alternatives or package pricing.


I am also happy to issue gift vouchers. The prerequisite for this is that the recipient would like to receive coaching. 


Coachings can be held in person

(subject to a current-day negative Covid test) 

or online.